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Mortgage Insurance

Protection for you and your family not the bank!

Life Insurance

Leaving a tax-free lump sum to your dependents ensures that they do not need to lower their standards of living if something happens to you.

Critical Illness Insurance

Lump sum payment if you are diagnosed with a serious, life threatening illness, covered by your plan.

Disability Insurance

Affordable coverage that replaces your income in the event of a disability caused by injury or sickness.

Non-Medical Insurance

Would you like to avoid a nurses visit, needles / blood tests? We have several options which include guaranteed issued products for high-risk individuals.

WSIB Alternative

Custom tailored programs that offer more robust coverage at competitive rates.

Specialized Insurance for Truck Drivers

Specialized plans for drivers offering 24/7 coverage.

Estate Planning

Protecting your legacy.

Group Benefits

Affordable and unique solutions to help attract and retain employees.

Individual Benefits

Individual solutions for health and dental plans.

Travel Insurance

Making sure that an accident or illness does not effect your trip or wallet.


TAX FREE SAVINGS ACCOUNTS are a great way to make returns on your savings without triggering taxes.


Shelter your investment returns while saving for your retirement.


Registered Education Savings Plans are a great way to tax shelter post-secondary savings, while receiving government contributions.

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